Who We Are

Covenant is a.. Christ-centered, Grace-saturated, Community-building, Disciple-making, Bible-believing community.

Abiding in the grace of Christ and connecting others to Him.

Grace is the means by which we are saved (Ephesians 2:8-9). We abide in this saving grace by glorifying our Great God and enjoying him forever. But the Christian life doesn’t stop with our individual walks with God. Christ brings us into community so that we can connect others to him and see lives transformed by the power of the Gospel (Ephesians 2:19).

We also long to see unbelievers come to know Christ as their Lord and Savior. We seek to make disciples and fulfill The Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20)

Our Vision
(Why We Exist)

Our Mission
(What We Do)

Covenant Presbyterian church exists to, for God’s glory, celebrate life and growth in Jesus Christ so that all people may flourish in grace and truth.

For God’s glory, God is our focus. He is the personal creator. His glory covers the earth and directs our efforts. This is why everything thing we do if first and foremost for the Glory God.

Celebrates life and growth in Jesus Christ. The gospel celebrates Christ and our new life in Him. We rejoice as we are transformed into a vibrant, growing community through hospitality, fellowship, education, and service.
So that all people may flourish in grace and truth. The church family at Covenant seeks to manifest the love of God by sharing the good news of the gospel in work and deed to make disciples of all the nations. 
[Exalting Christ]
Our Christ-Centered community works to exalt Christ in preaching and prayer to the Father in the Spirit. Joining the community of believers in worship helps us know God, glorify God, and enjoy Him fully.

[Engaging in Community]
We desire to connect others to Christ through faith by serving one another so that we glorify God and by connecting the riches of Christ to the realities of life so that people of all ages can flourish in their community and church.

[Expanding for The Great Commission]
God calls us to go and make disciples of all the earth. You have a mission. Jesus calls us to “make disciples”. We can fulfill this command in both our day-to-day encounters and through service to others in and outside of our local community and through the sharing of the Gospel.

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